Printmaking Anthropomorphism- Secondary Art I

Anthropomorphism Printmaking- Middle School Art I

This lesson will introduce students to relief printmaking and linoleum block cutting. The students will be looking towards animals and anthropomorphism, the association of human characteristics to other animals or insects, for imagery inspiration.



NAEA.VA.9-12.1 CONTENT STANDARD: Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes
NAEA.VA.9-12.4 CONTENT STANDARD: Understanding the visual arts in relation to history and cultures.

Common Core

RH.9-10.8. Assess the extent to which the reasoning and evidence in a text support the author’s claims.

Illinois State Standards

IL.25.A Standard: Understand the sensory elements, organizational principles and expressive qualities of the arts.

IL.26.A Standard: Understand processes, traditional tools and modern technologies used in the arts.

Colorado State Standards

Standard: 1. Observe and Learn to Comprehend

-Concepts and skills students master- 2. Historical and cultural context are found in visual art.

Standard: 2. Envision and Critique to Reflect

-Concepts and skills students master- 3. Interpretation is a means for understanding and evaluating works of art.

Standard: 3. Invent and Discover to Create

-Concepts and skills students master- 2. Assess and produce art with various materials and methods.

Standard: 4. Relate and Connect to Transfer

-Concepts and skills students master- 2. Communication through advanced visual methods is a necessary skill in everyday life.


Students will know (knowledge):

  1. The students will know that specific cultures associate human characteristics to other animals.
  2. The students will know that relief printmaking refers to creating an image from a raised surface.

Students will be able to (define by audience, behavior, conditions):

    1. The students will be able to associate themselves with an animal or insect.
    2. The students will be able to create both a realistic and stylized image of an animal/insect.
    3. The students will be able to transfer their image to a linoleum block and safely carve their tile to create a relief-printing surface.
    4. The students will be able to create a properly labeled edition of prints.
    5. The students will be able to write a one page paper that explains why they chose a particular animal/insect for this project.

Essential Question:

If I were an animal, what animal would I be (and why)?


•  This lesson begins with the students enjoying a fortune cookie and sharing their fate with the rest of the class. The teacher will then lead a discussion that introduces the Chinese Zodiac and other examples of anthropomorphism.


• Researching animals/insects and finding examples of anthropomorphism.

• Writing a one-page paper that explains why the artist chose a specific animal or insect.

• Creating two pencil drawings of an animal or insect. The first drawing is a realistic representation that includes line, shading, value, form, texture etc (prior knowledge). The second is a stylized drawing that relies solely on line and hatching techniques (prior knowledge).

• Art Criticism Worksheet

• Transferring the image to the linoleum block.

• Introduction to carving tools and safety demonstration.

• Carving the block.

• Printing.

• Planning and creating the collage.

• Final Print Presentations (Critique).


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