Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching is, like many of the art projects scattered around my studio, a work in progress. Although, I am new to teaching, there are already a few things that I hope to continually exercise throughout my career and to instill in my students; to be reflective in my practices, to be flexible and open to try new things, to work collaboratively with my peers (to except and apply constructive criticism) and to never lose the desire to continue learning.

I believe that education, including the visual arts, is a human right and a necessity. I think that one of it’s many goals is to create responsible and productive members of a democratic society.

I believe that Art Integration is an invaluable tool that promotes Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, Blooms Taxonomy and that the visual arts teach students not only dispositions that are specific to the making art but also offer an understanding of the larger world outside of the classroom. The ways these dispositions are learned transfer to other areas of the curriculum including ones considered to be more ‘basic’ than the arts.

Inspirational Quotes:

  • Education should teach students about democratic citizenship: the ability to live in community with others (John Dewey).
  • Education should develop the highest levels of cognition (Benjamin Bloom & Elliot Eisner).
  • Art education should encourage authentic investigation (Olivia Gude, UIC).
  • Art education should emphasize the behaviors and creative processes of art-making over the final product.
  • Educators should present questions and experiences to help students make their own connections (Constructivism).
  • Education should help students understand the relationship between themselves and the world around them.
  • Education should teach students how to be capable and aware actors in their own lives (Paulo Freire).


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